Caballeros del Temple



Although we were very clear about the goal of publishing a comic book, it was practically impossible to get away from the idea of constructing stories from a literary concept.

There were many meetings in which we tried to order the information and in which, invariably, the same question arose again and again: Is the comic a consequence of the story or the story a compilation of the facts of the comic?

In this sort of new edition of "The chicken or the egg", we soon realized that we had a lot to say. That's why, almost without proposing it, we began to delineate the story, whose details, nuances and details go far beyond the scope of a comic.

We understand that a novel would do greater justice to the details we collected in this constructive process. A process where we did not want to leave out any of the elements that constitute the powerful fantasy of this world.

We hope to have news soon about the literary side of the project, which is an essential part of this dream.

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Goliath's Foe - Patrick de Arteaga
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