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Comic Book

From the beginning we knew that the main idea of the project was to tell a good story. A story that reflects all the magic that this fantasy world of Argentum provokes, for those of us who go through it almost every day. That is why we joined forces and extracted the main concepts from the many adventures we imagined for this world. It was not easy to summarize in an essentially graphic story, so much to tell. But trusting in Germán Ponce's talent, we let his illustrations (of the characters, scenes and stories that develop throughout the comic) speak by themselves.

Although the comic starts from a known base for those who are used to role-playing games (more specifically, Argentum Online) we wanted it to be extended to all audiences. Even those who do not know the game or the main guidelines of the jargon. Therefore, we carefully selected what we wanted to say and how we wanted to say it.

Designing, writing, drawing, polishing and putting the comic online is a consequence of a bigger and much more ambitious work we've been working on for several months.

If the response of the public accompanies our efforts, in a short time we will have available a printed book, with several chapters, respecting the best traditions of comics on paper.

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