Caballeros del Temple



              n the distant lands of Argentum, where a decisive battle                        between the forces of good and evil once took place, winds of                  change blow and bring with them the sour perfume of war.

              The last word has yet to be said about the fragile balance                      between sides that once seemed settled and oscillated for centuries.

The armies of evil, tenacious and silent, make their movements to regroup forces and thus carry out the old ambition to control the territory and subdue its inhabitants.

But just as evil tempts its followers by false promises and deception, the principles of the good Gulfas Morgolock, who unified Argentum, persist in the hearts of the creatures who admire and guard his work.

This is why various races have temporarily left their misgivings to attend to the call of wisdom and follow with attention the movements of evil, of incessant growth.

The leaders, who from the clandestinity contemplate the advance of the shadows, have chosen an intrepid warrior to carry out an apparently minor task.

The mission, at first glance trivial but not without numerous dangers, could change the course of history and tip the balance in favor of the Morgolock followers.

It is for this reason that, despite the risks, and from exile, Cuidadoso de Bander immediately accepted the proposal of resistance and did not take long to enter the forest, ignorant of the dangers that lay in wait for her.


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Goliath's Foe - Patrick de Arteaga
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