Some years ago, some members of the team, lost in endless talks about role-playing games and fantasy worlds, thought it possible that all that everyday magic could be told and shared in the format of a comic.

It must have taken a long time for this idea to be perfected and begin to see the light.

With the indispensable support and approval of Pablo Márquez -creator of Argentum online-, we set the dream in motion and began to imagine how we could tell you from a comic, those adventures that for so many years we had lived behind a screen.

From the very beginning we knew that we wanted to make a great product and that's why we called on an international illustrator like Germán Ponce and a meticulous scriptwriter like Pablo Fernández Giudici.

There were many meetings dedicated to devising the best way to put everything we had in mind on paper.

At first the ideas flowed in disorder, but with time, we were able to begin to shape the dream, which today is a reality.

We hope that you can share with us the spirit of adventure and allow yourselves to be trapped by the fantasy of history, as we have been doing for so long.

Caballeros del Temple



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Goliath's Foe - Patrick de Arteaga
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