Gran Maestre

The Grand Master is the founder of The Knights of the Temple.


Those who are soldiers of tempera are soldiers of God.


As such they must always walk with God and be more than mere mortals.


They must conduct themselves humbly, be the most honorable, the noblest, the most courteous, the most honest, and the most chivalrous.



The Templar must serve the order and not expect to be served by it.


Let whatever he collaborates do in the service of God and he should not expect any reward except to know that he thereby honors the order by his devotion.



The Templar must try to bring justice to all those who do not receive it, because all are children of God and to all God has granted the gift of life.



Before all beings the Templar must demonstrate chivalry, courtesy and honesty, bearing in mind that they are God's witnesses.



A Templar must live each day as a critic of the previous day, and in this way each new dawn will be a step towards greater nobility.



No Templar shall in any way offend a person or another being. 


For all the Templar must be an example of chivalry.



No woman shall fear anything of a Templar, nor of his words, nor of his actions. No child should suffer from this fear either. No man, no matter how rude, should fear a Templar.



Where there is weakness, there the Templar must carry his strength. Where there is no voice, there the Templar must carry his own. Where the poorest are, there the Templar must distribute his generosity.



Never should a Templar dishonor another because such conduct will dishonor him and bring discredit to the order.

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