Caballeros del Temple




Germán Ponce



Pablo R. Fernández Giudici


Idea and Production

Maximiliano S. Di Toro


Assistance and translations

Cuidadoso of Bander

Maria Gabriela Muzio

Mabel Massimino Echeverria


To face the challenges involved in making a quality product, Maximiliano S. Di Toro dedicated a lot of time and effort to outline the main idea of the comic. His experience of more than a decade on Argentum Online, added to the many ideas he had written down to fulfill the dream, pushed him to make the decision. After taking the direction of the project, he summoned Germán Ponce and Pablo Fernández Giudici to begin to give shape to the sketches he had made.

Germán Ponce: comic illustrator and professional illustrator since 1992, has worked for several companies over the years, such as SQP, Mongoose Publishing, Tinman Games, Paradigm, Pinnacle, Joebooks, Dark Horse-Bioware or Marvel-Upperdeck, making art for comic books, art for games, covers and trading cards, in titles such as Conan, Elric, Hawkmoon, Runequest, Ad&D, Traveller, Judge Dredd, Dragon Age, X-men and Marvel Flare Flare, Judge Dredd, Dragon Age and Marvel Flare.

You can view and download his illustrations in their Artstation gallery

And also on his Facebook fanpage

Pablo Fernández Giudici: Part-time writer with a passion for adventure games.

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