This project began to be made tangible by the enormous commitment of a very good team of creatives and by an initial financial support. This help allowed us to launch the design and editing of a comic of international quality, as we long ago dreamed.

One of the goals of this dream is that a wide public can have access to a very good quality comic, totally free of charge, because for us it is important to share the magic that this world of fantasy gives us.

Our financing, at the moment, is based on a personal investment and on the help that the community of readers offers us, in order to be able to fund the edition. Our idea is to be able to continue telling the best stories with the highest visual quality and for this, we ask you to send your donations via PayPal or Mercadolibre, if you have the possibility, because in this way we will be able to continue financing the professionals who take part in the project and ensuring its quality.

We thank you in advance for allowing the project to continue and grow.

Caballeros del Temple



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Goliath's Foe - Patrick de Arteaga
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